Reach for the sky - Spitfire Gifts
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Reach for the sky

The ultimate gift for any aviation enthusiast is surely a Spitfire flight itself.

For a lot of people, their dream is to fly in a Spitfire and this is now possible at a price, much less than many of life’s ambitions.

There are a number of operations in the UK offering such an experience but the biggest and best is at Biggin Hill in Kent, England.

Not only do they operate genuine combat veteran Spitfires rather than new-build aeroplanes, but Biggin Hill itself is a famous historic site from the Battle of Britain in 1940, so makes a natural choice.

The facility also houses a Spitfire restoration company and tours are given of the double hangar complex where you can see the aircraft undergoing rebuild.

There is no larger Spitfire collection in the world and we would thoroughly recommend getting in touch with them for a flight or a tour:

If your budget won’t stretch to a flight, why not buy a Spitfire themed gift HERE

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